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Event Schedule

Friday, October 20, 2023  ~  6 pm to 9 pm

  • Concert Performance by Mac McRoy

  • Watch night-time Cannon Firings on Contentnea Creek

  • Tour the Grifton Museum and Indian Village

  • Fellowship around the campfires within the Civil War Encampments

  • Enjoy Concessions available on the grounds

Saturday, October 21, 2023 ~  9 am to 5 pm

Mac McRoy 

Charles Ewen.jpg

Charles Ewen

Scott Huler

Scott Dawson

  • All Day Events include:

    • Civil War and Colonial Encampments​

    • Black Beard History Presentations, 

    • Tours of the Grifton Museum and Indian Village

    • Fossil pit activities with the Aurora

    • Beaufort Pirate Invasion

    • Tuscarora Indians

    • Children's Activities

    • Food Trucks

    • Ropemaking, Soap making, old tractors and engines, blacksmithing, primitive technologies, and much more.

  • 9:30 - Guest Speaker - Charles Ewen, Ph.D - Opening the Deadman’s Chest: Exploring the Archaeology of Piracy

  • Interpreting piracy is challenging given the secretive nature of criminal behavior. Add over a century of
    fictional portrayals and a skewed vision is all but assured. Historical archaeology, by combining the
    documentary record with recovered artifacts allows for a reconstruction of the every-day life of the
    pirate. On-going research on the Queen Anne’s Revenge and other pirate sites
    have allowed us to get
    past the imagery of Treasure Island to a more realistic portrayal of pirates

  • Professor of Anthropology at East Carolina University.  Co-edited:  X Marks the Spot:  The Archaeology of PiracyPieces of Eight:  More Archaeology of Piracy, and Dead Man's Chest:  Exploring the Archaeology of Piracy.

  • 10:30 - Guest Speaker - Scott Huler - Speaking on John Lawson

  • 1:30 - Guest  Speaker - Scott Dawson - Speaking on Croatan Archaeological Society

  • Beginning in 2009 the Croatoan Archaeological Society partnered with Mark Horton of the University of Bristol and a host of scientists from around the world to excavate the Native American villages on Hatteras Island. What they found were over 100,000 artifacts from the Croatoan tribe and an English colony they adopted in 1587. Yes, the lost colony, as they became named thanks to a myth created in 1937 to market Roanoke Island tourism. The Hatteras digs have been featured on too many television shows to list including HBO, Discovery, Travel, Science, National Geographic and PBS. The lost colony story we were told in school was a lie. The real tragedy is that as a result of the myth, the Croatoan people were erased from history to prop up the fake mystery. Come meet Scott Dawson, president of the Croatoan Archaeological Society, author, historian and 9th generation native of Hatteras Island. See real artifacts and learn the truth.


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